More Timely Discharges, Lower Readmission Rates

The last place a person wants to be after being discharged from the hospital is back in the hospital. It’s scary, inconvenient, expensive, frustrating, and nobody, not the patient, the family or the insurance company, wants to see the patient back in the hospital unnecessarily. At LifeTOUCH, we assist healthcare companies, hospitals, other homecare service providers in lowering readmissions by taking a proactive approach to keeping the person healthy.

Utilizing Patient-Centric Care Plans

How do we achieve that? Utilizing patient-centric care plans that adhere to evidence-based, best practices, LifeTouch specializes in comprehensive hospital to home transitions that provide continuity of care, clinical collaboration and preventative connections throughout the continuum. The LifeTouch platform delivers real-time and customized program metrics to the provider and health system.

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Nurse and patient